Al Oquair Project                                                                Client:    Saudi Aramco                                 


IWTP # 8 Jubail Industrial City                                   Client:    SWCC


SWTP-9 upgrade and extension                                        Client:    Power and Water Utility Co. 

Jubail Marafiq                                                             


Intersection of King Fahad Road with                             Client:    Dammam Municipality

Omar Bin Qattab Street Dammam                            


Marafiq STG Units 5&6 Project                                       Client:    MARAFIQ.



Rabigh Independent Power Project                                  Client:    SEPCO III



Intersection Tunnel Repair Project                                  Client:    Dammam Municipality



SWCC Phase 2Project No.30105 Jubail                            Client:    SWCC


Al Dana Group Towers. Al Khobar                                     Client:    Al Fahad Investors


42nd St, King Fahd Street  - Dammam                               Client:    Dammam Municipality

Underpass Intersection- 4, Dammam                     


Yansab Cooling Tower Project, Yanbu                              Client:    Yanbu National Petrochemical Co.


Pipeline Rehabilitation Project                                         Client :   Saudi Aramco

for Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery              


Dammam Khobar Highway Underpass                             Client:    Dammam Municipality

Intersection 1, Dammam                                    


Equipment supply for Sharq Expansion III                      Client:    SHARQ



Equipment supply for ER-3 Project, Jubail                       Client:    SABIC

(Jubail Ind. City Expansion)                                  

 Al-Mumatien Tower Project, Dammam                             Client:    Al-Mumatien


Abu Ali Water Supply Header replacement                    Client:    Saudi Aramco

for Saudi Aramco, Abu Ali       


Equipment supply for Hadeed New Wire                          Client:    HADEED

Rod & Rebar Mill, Jubail         



Equipment supply for Unicoil Cold Mill                              Client:    UNICOIL

Complex, Jubail 


Philips Chevron JCP Project                                                Client:    Philips Chevron

(Refinery Expansion), Jubail                                 


Philips Chevron JCP Project                                               Client:    Philips Chevron

(Refinery Expansion), Jubail                                 

Saudi Aramco Qatif New ABSQ-1,                                   Client:    Saudi Aramco

42 Trunk Line, Juymah  

Equipment supply for Sea Water Cooling                          Client:    Saudi Aramco

System expansion, Yanbu      


SWCC Product Water Treatment                                      Client:    SWCC

Plant Extension, Jubail                                         

General Hospital Project, Salwa                                        Client:    Saudi Ministry of Health


Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion, Khafji                     Client:    Khafji Municipality


Al-Muhaidib Tower, Dammam                                             Client:    Al-Muhaidib Co.,


General Hospital Project, Ras Tanura                               Client:    Saudi Ministry of Health


Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion, Khobar                    Client:    Khobar Municipality


Saudi Aramco Housing Development,                                Client:    Saudi Aramco

Saudi Naval Institute Lift Stations for                           Client:    Saudi Naval Force

Pumping Sewage Water, Dammam                         

King Faisal University Permanent                                      Client:    Saudi Ministry of Education

Campus, Dammam